Create a new notification rule

Create a new notification rule

If we want to breathe life into our reports and automate the dispatch, we need a notification rule. We have already created the report itself in the previous chapter, now it's time for the dispatch.

If you want to send your report only once as an attachment to an email, you do not need a notification rule. We only need this for regular sending (e.g. customer receives an event log every morning at 7am). For a one-time email, simply create a PDF as described here and send it via email.

Please note:

If your reports are more than 10 MB (ten megabytes) in size, they will no longer be sent directly,

but a mail will be sent containing a link to download this report.
ATTENTION: This link is only valid for seven days!


To create a new notification rule, proceed as follows:

Log in to the portal and click first on Evaluations and then on Notification rules in the main menu on the left side.



A list of all notification rules created so far opens, if you have already created any, with the number of existing rules displayed just above the list:



Please click on the icon on the left above Name.


A popup window opens in which we enter a name for the notification rule and then click on Create.



Now please select what kind of notification you want. The following topics can be the basis for notifications:

  • Event with a specific event type
  • Form filled
  • Alarm due to workplace protection
  • Status of a tour changes
  • Congestion of a task changes
  • New device taught



With Event reported with event type you get a selection of event types which should be reported automatically. Several event types can be selected.


By clicking on Apply you will see your selected event types as follows:



When you click on Continue, you will be prompted to enter the sender and recipient email addresses:


Please note that our system checks the format of the e-mail entered to ensure that the e-mail address used is also entered in the correct format. If you enter an e-mail address that is not recognized by the system, you will be notified by this icon .

In this case, please correct your entry again.

By clicking on the + symbol behind the recipient address, you can store additional email recipients. Click on Save, the overview of your settings will be displayed:


If you select Form filled & sent, you will get this selection box, where you please select your desired forms:



Now click on Apply and you will get to the selection window where you can choose whether your form should be output with your template or just the filled form fields:



You have the choice of form output between Formfree and The_name_of_your_form (see screenshot) Formfree means that the form will be output to fit DIN-A4 in PDF, without your own background and without arrangement of the individual fields that you have set to fit your document!


After selecting the desired output form, you will be directed to the following input mask, where please click on the + symbol,



in order to be able to make the necessary entries in the following window, so that the form can be sent correctly after creation.



It is important that you check the mapping (as shown in the image above) from which the form should be sent.

If you select the customer for form sending, the forms will be sent from all areas that are subordinated to the customer. If you select a single area, your forms will be sent exclusively from this area, even if you do the same form in another area of this customer!


Once you have made all the necessary entries, you must now specify who should receive the forms:



To enter an email address that is not created as a user, write the email address in the field and click the green plus icon and then click on Apply.

Your email address is now ready to be saved permanently.



Click on Apply again and the entered e-mail addresses will be displayed.

After that you will see the settings window, where you can add more email addresses (just click on the + icon by the email) or you can also add more forms to be sent after completion:



After clicking Continue your settings are ready and you will be shown a summary once again.


The setup for sending the forms is now complete.

Create notification rule for an Alarm by workstation protection:

Specify a name for your rule:


Select Alarm by workplace protection:



Enter the sender and recipient in the upper fields.


The following two images will briefly explain which entries you can make here:



You can also store this information again in the text field:



When you have made your entries, just click on .

You will then be shown an overview of your settings:



The notification rules for the status messages behave the same way, which is why we briefly explain only the status changes of the tasks here:


Please select the desired status change (tour or task).



Click Continue and the popup for the available selection of tasks will open:



Now select the desired task about which you would like to be informed and click on Apply.

Of course, you can also select multiple tasks whose status you want to be informed about!




Now click on Apply again and you will be shown which status has been selected for the notification.



Now you have to click on Continue and you will see the input window for the sender e-mail and the assignment at which customer/object (or company-wide) the status is to be sent.



After clicking on Create you will see the input window for the recipient e-mail addresses.



You can either take predefined e-mail addresses from the system or enter an e-mail address manually. To do this, click in the Enter e-mail address field and enter the desired e-mail address.



If you enter an e-mail address manually, click on the green one and then on Apply. In the following image you can now see the entered routing rules.



Another click on Continue will show you the completely set up notification rule.



The notification rules for tour status and task status are created in the same way.

New device taught

If a user tries to log in with a device that does not have a license, you can have an e-mail sent about it so that you are informed about it directly.

To do this, simply create a new notification rule as described above, then select New device enrolled and click Continue.


Now the settings follow again, where you must enter the sender



After clicking on Create, select who should receive this mail.



Now click on Apply and then on Save.


You may only create this notification rule New device enrolled once for your company! You are not allowed to create more than one of these rules!

Your notification rule setup is now complete.