Create a PDF file from a report

With COREDINATE, you can export your reports as PDF files at any time in order to save them locally or pass them on.

Create a PDF file from a report

You can generate a PDF file from a created report at any time and save it locally on your hard disk, for example, or forward it by e-mail.

Please proceed as follows:

Click on Reporting in the main menu on the left. The Reports submenu appears below this, which you should click on.



You will now see the reports you have created on the right-hand side, from which you can select the report you want to download.



Once you have selected the desired report, you can download it from the following page.



It only takes two clicks

Simply click on Generate preview in the detailed view of the report and then on the download file button at the top right above the report preview.


A download will start immediately and you can open and/or save the PDF file.


Can't find the PDF file after downloading? Your browser stores the file in the directory that was specified as the path in the download directory. This is usually C:/Users/your username/Downloads or C:/Downloads. In most browsers, you can access the downloads by pressing Ctrl and J at the same time.