Create new alarm receiver for the receiving center

An alarm receiver is a user who can log on to the receiving center to acknowledge alarms and/or initiate interventions. We explain how to create and remove them here.

Alarm receiver

Of course, our alarm must also arrive somewhere.
However, since not every user is always the right contact right away, and in this case a global alarm would tend to cause confusion, we need to specify in advance the people who should be notified in the event of an alarm.
The portal has a real-time alerting system, the *reception center*.
This means that your employees in the operations center will be notified of the alarm directly from the portal.
In addition, you can, as usual, simultaneously receive a
Email (or see also create an notification).

Installations of a new alarm receiver

To link a new alarm receiver to the alarm profile, proceed as follows:
Create a user who can log on to the portal as an alarm recipient or select the user or users who should be able to log on to the receiving center.


Especially for alarm receivers, there is a predefined user system role that is exclusively intended for users to log on to the receiving center.


Open the respective alarm profile and click on the Alarm receiver tab.



In the Alarm recipients area, click the blue + Add recipients icon, a list of created users will appear.



Select the desired user (gladly also several) by clicking on the list and click on Apply.


Immediately the selected users will be added to the list of alarm recipients.


Those users who are to receive an alarm as an e-mail do not have to be explicitly created as alarm recipients. The alarm e-mails can be sent to any person!

From now on, the selected user can Log in as an alarm receiver in the receiving center.


When the alarm receiver has registered, it sees the registered devices.


Show inactive devices lists the devices that are monitored in the alarm profiles but are not currently logged in to the app!


If an alarm is received by the receiving center, the alarm receiver is notified visually by a red symbol - and if an audio device is connected, also acoustically by a warning tone.


Clicking on this icon opens a popup in the map where the user clicks on *Confirm receipt* to make entries and reset the alarm.
Entries for false alarms (e.g. if the employee could not react fast enough) or intervention measures can be entered here.



Now click on Reset operating status so that the alarm is neutralized and the alarm sound is muted again.
The registered device is now displayed green again in the receiving center until the next alarm is received.
If the location services (GPS) are switched off on the mobile device, you will be shown in the event of an alarm that no GPS coordinates could be found for the alarm! Otherwise, the device will be displayed directly on the map in the receiving center as soon as you click on the icon of the monitored device



Removing a user from the recipient list

If you want to remove a user from the group of alarm recipients for an alarm profile, simply proceed as follows:

  1. Open the respective alarm profile

  2. Click the trash can icon to the right of the user you want to remove in the Alarm recipients list Papierkorb_Icon.