Print form output

Form outputs can be printed from the task completion in COREDINATE by clicking Export.

Print form outputs

Now that we have created a form output, we would of course like to print it out. This again only makes sense if there is already data in the form. As already mentioned, in COREDINATE the entry into the forms and outputs always takes place via the task completion. Each completed form is based on a task that one of your employees has performed. You get to the printout in the following steps:

  1. In the main menu of the portal, first open Work Results and then Task Completion.


  2. A list of all completed (or uncompleted) tasks will now open – those with a completed form will have the name of the completed form in the Form column on the right-hand side.


  3. Click on the task that is the basis of the form you want to print, the window will split and the completed form will open first on the right side of the screen.


  4. Click on the green Export button and a PDF file will be created and, depending on your browser settings, a window will open where you can select the path to save or it will be saved directly to the default download folder, which you can usually access with the key combination CTRL & J.

  5. Click on Without template and COREDINATE will also generate a PDF file of the completed form – but without the background image, i.e. in pure form.