View recorded incidents



Event types

It is important to assign an event type to each reported event so that COREDINATE can produce meaningful statistics.

We have already recorded the most important types of typical events for you. Nevertheless, you can adapt the list to your individual needs.


Some examples of event types already recorded

  • industrial espionage
  • Fire hazard
  • Theft
  • Gas leakage
  • Communication to customers
  • Thing found
  • Damage / Defect
  • Risk of accident
  • and much more.



View recorded incidents

You can already see the last recorded incidents in the

A detailed list of all events can be found in the Work results under Incidents.


As a result, you will first receive a list of all recorded event types, so please select the desired criteria using the filter bar above the list.


If events have been saved that match your filter criteria, a list of results will be built up that looks something like this:

Click anywhere in the line on an incident, the view will expand and you will see the GPS position, if a GPS position has been saved for the incident.

If changes have been made to the incident, you can also see who changed what and when.

In this view you still have the possibility to click on the image itself, if one or more have been saved, to enlarge it for more details or even download it if necessary:


Select the desired events by clicking the selection boxes on the left,

you can also export the events via e-mail, CSV or as PDF.
You can read how to do this in this article.