Use Google Spreadsheets for events

You can export captured events directly to a Google spreadsheet and edit them immediately.

With COREDINATE you can export certain recorded events to a Google spreadsheet, which can then be immediately edited or evaluated by other people who have the authorization.
How to set up the Google Spreadsheets is explained in this article.
Please log in to the portal with the appropriate rights.
Click on Evaluations –> Notification rules in the main menu on the left.



Now click the blue + Create Notification Rule button in the upper right corner,


the following popup appears, where you have to give the notification rule a name.


In the next step please select Event with event type reported


and now click on Continue in the lower right corner to select the event types to be recorded in the following step.



By clicking Apply you get a first overview of the monitored event types:



then click on Continue and select the field Google Tables and



again right below continue click on request access.



You will be redirected to your Google accounts, where you select here which Google account should be used for the table(s).



After selecting your account, you need to allow Google's security prompt



and then confirm and allow the selection.



Here you will see a code, which you can mark and copy by clicking on the double-sheet icon or by clicking on the code.



Then go back to the portal and copy the code into the right field, click Check code


and in the next step enter a name for the Google spreadsheet in the Name field on the left, then click Create below it.


Here you will see the table ID and on the right side Sheet1.



At the bottom right click on Save, then the setup in the portal is done.
Now you have to log in to the Google account and click on Google Spreadsheets (the small, square icon with the 9 dots at the top right) and select Tables further down.
The table created in the portal will appear in your list, and you can click on it




If you have clicked on the name of the table, the table will be displayed in the browser and when an event is recorded, it will immediately appear in the table.


Please keep in mind that you have to share the table first if you want it to be edited by other users.
To download the table or send it via mail, simply click on File in the upper left corner and select what you want to do next from the menu.