Use appointment lists

With COREDINATE-OWKS® you can use appointment lists to automatically schedule tasks or tours on specific days.

Once you have created your appointment lists under Master data -> Appointment lists, they are ready for use in scheduling. In this article, we explain how the appointment lists can be used. You must be logged into the portal with the appropriate rights to be able to set schedules in tasks or tours.

Now click on Master data -> Tasks or tours on the left-hand side of the portal and select the task or tour that you would like to schedule. Click on the task or tour to open it and then switch to the Scheduling tab.

Here you can see the repetition rules you have already entered. If you have not yet created a repetition rule, you can see how to create one here.




Depending on whether you want to create a schedule rule that should only be executed on the days in the appointment list or whether the days in the appointment list should not be taken into account, you must select the corresponding option.




In our example, only the days in the appointment list are taken into account:




Click on + Add execution days from an schedule list and you will be shown a blue button with which you can select the desired appointment list that you have previously created.



Click on the white area in the button and the lists you have created will appear:


Select the desired list by clicking on it and then save your selection by clicking on the small white tick to the right of the list name.



Now your list is linked and ready for use:


It is possible to select several lists one after the other.


You can delete a list by clicking on the small trash can symbol on the right-hand side of the button. You can check to the right of your entries under Simulated incidents whether your time planning has been transferred correctly; the days on which an execution is to take place should now be listed there.