Use actions on reports in the overview

Recipients can be removed from the report list directly without detours from the shipping settings

You have the option to perform various actions in the report overview.
What these are in detail, we explain here.
Select Evaluations –> Reports in the main menu on the left, you will see your created reports:



Here you now have various options to directly perform actions in the list.

Delete recipient:

On the right side of the report row, click the number icon
in the column below the recipient icon .

Here you can now see who all is entered as recipient:


You can delete the recipient by clicking the trash icon, a warning will be displayed:



If you click Confirm here, the recipient is deleted, which is also immediately shown to you by the number of recipients in the column.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to perform single or even multiple actions in this list:

Just click in the small gray boxes to the left of the reports , to select the reports you want to change, the boxes will then be displayed active .




Now please click on the Action field and a selection will appear what you can do:




If you select Remove Recipients, you will see a popup where you can select the recipients to be deleted:


Attention: If you click on Apply, you will no longer get a confirmation prompt and the selected recipients are all deleted!


Select Delete, you will get the security prompt again:


If you click on Confirm, you will delete all selected reports completely.
You also have the option to select all reports at once, just click on

, all reports are ticked

to then be able to perform the desired actions (as described above).
If you have clicked, simply click the button and all markers will be removed.
For active, automatic reports, you can also see the next execution time at a glance: