Ticket system from COREDINATE

A brief introduction to the COREDINATE ticket system*

For complex topics that are subject to special processes, COREDINATE has developed the ticket system*. Centrally collected, but only visible for employees with the appropriate authorization. Thus, you can also delegate more extensive tasks spontaneously, without having to instruct the respective employee in a cumbersome way. 

Ticket System

The COREDINATE ticket system* is a central platform for all processes in the processes in the company that are to be mapped clearly. Create a so-called procedure, to which you can attach events and assign tasks to this process. If desired, you can upload files to the task and allow comments on each task.

Do you have processes that have to be executed according to a fixed pattern, such as the detection of a defective device? Then simply define the corresponding process, which works like a template for your employees and can be started by them as their own process.



* The ticket system is a separate function.

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