Share self-created dashboard with other users

The variable dashboards you create can now also be shared with other employees so that the relevant information can be displayed without complicated rights assignment

As an object manager or supervisor, I may want to be able to share my pre-built dashboard with other users so that I can provide targeted information to other users without having to give them all the appropriate permissions.
We'll explain how to do that in this article.
First, of course, you need to create your own variable dashboard based on your criteria. How you can create and use it, you will learn
here in this article.

Once you have customized your dashboard according to your criteria and it is displayed, you can now define who is allowed to see the dashboard.
To do this, please click on the Visibilities button on the right side of your dashboard.



You get an indication that this dashboard is not yet shared.


To change this, click Determine Assignment now, whereupon you will get a new popup:

Assign employees:


Here you specify in detail which employees are allowed to see the dashboard

Assign group(s):


Here you define which group of employees can see the dashboard.
Only employees who are assigned to the object or area you have selected can see the dashboard.


When you have made your choice, please click Apply.
In the Visibility button you will also see how many employees are allowed to see your dashboard.



If you want to remove the visibility for other employees, click the Visibility button and then Set to private.


There is still a warning message, which you must confirm.


In this case, no other employee but you will be able to see your dashboard.
A short confirmation from the system will be displayed that your dashboard is now set to private again:




You can also explicitly remove individual employees from the assignment, i.e. edit the assignments in detail, by simply clicking on the Determine assignment button again and checking the boxes for new employees or groups and/or unchecking the boxes for employees.