Edit and manage the flexible dashboard

The cockpit in the portal is now called Dashboard. You can customize this according to your own wishes.

When you log into the portal, you will now see the dashboard instead of the cockpit - as it was previously called.


In the standard view, this is constructed in the same way as the cockpit, but the look has been modernized. With this dashboard, you can now determine yourself what you want to be displayed and how.

We describe how this works in this article or in this short Video.

Use default dashboard


The default dashboard cannot be changed and is the same as the view of the previous cockpit.

Create your own individual dashboard 

Please click the three dots to the right of Standard at the Manage button,

you will now be shown a selection where you choose + Create new dashboard.


In the next step you need to give the dashboard a name, alternatively you can also create a description for the dashboard.



After clicking the Create button you will see your new, but still empty dashboard.


Now click on Edit Dashboard and you will see the following view.


Now click on Add widget, you will get to the overview of available widgets.


Under the item Tables all available standard widgets are listed, which ones you can see in the following picture:

Working hours widget

The Working hours widget is now available and can be added to the dashboard. It displays the working hours of the employees and can be configured as usual.

It also responds to real-time events and immediately shows when employees clock in/out.


Just click on Add at the widget you want to use and when you have added all the widgets you want, click the button at the bottom right , your selected widgets will be displayed:


At this point you can still adjust the size of the individual widgets.

To adjust a widget in height and width, hover the mouse cursor over the bottom corners of the widgets and arrow icons will appear right and left under the widget, click and hold these corners to drag to the desired size.

To change the order of the widgets, click the top of the widget, hold it and drag it to the desired position. This will show you a dashed line where the widget will then be positioned.



Have the widgets resized and in order, please click on .

To customize the widgets to your liking, please click on the icon with the three small dots  on the right above the widget and then click on  Edit widget.



Here you are in the view where you can edit the widget.

In the upper line you can see the filter options:

As a user, you can further specialize your widgets in the Dashboard to customize the information displayed to your needs. The widgets specify which filters are available to them.

The following filters can be used for the widgets:

  • Tours: period, master data, employees, status, tours
  • Checkpoint scans: Period, master data, employees
  • Events: Period, master data, employee, status, event type
  • Tasks: Period, master data, employee, status, task, form
  • 24 hours: Displays only the results of the last 24 hours
  • 7 days: Displays only the information of the last week


    The filters can be set and saved in the edit view of widgets. In our example, we filter the events. In the assignments you can select from which customer or from which area you want to have information displayed. Multiple selection is also possible.



    If you do not select anything, all data will be displayed company-wide, unless your account is assigned to a specific customer/area, in which case you will of course only see this customer/area(s). The assignment is saved automatically and is active immediately.

    Furthermore, you can also specify which events,


    from which employees



    and with which status should be displayed.



    If you do not set any filters, all results will always be displayed.

    Once you have set all filters according to your criteria, please click on the green Apply button below the filter list and your filters will be applied and saved immediately.



    The filtering will be saved also at your next login. By clicking on Reset filter you will see all information unfiltered again.


    At Information you can change the name of the widget and enter a description for this widget.


    If you click on Options you can see which columns are included,

    here you can customize which columns you want to be displayed.

    In the list on the left, click the green arrow icon on the right behind the entries to add a column

    or Remove an entry from the list on the right by highlighting it with a click and then clicking the yellow arrow icon between the lists to no longer display the entry in the widget.



    You also have the option to customize the display so that the order of the columns is shown in the way that seems most important to you.

    To do this, simply click on one of the arrow icons to the right of an entry

    and the entry is moved one line in the direction in which the clicked arrow points.


    This change is applied directly and immediately live when editing.

    You do not need to save this again. When you have made all your adjustments,

    please click on the black button in the upper right corner and you will see the overview again, in which you can now further customize the widgets individually.


    To customize the other widgets, click the button with the three small dots to the right of the widget and select Edit widget there again.



    So that you get your own dashboard displayed right away when you log in, you need to save it as a so-called favorite. You can do this by clicking on the name of the dashboard in the upper left corner and then activating the asterisk next to the desired dashboard.




    You can check which dashboard is active by just clicking on the dashboard name. The active one has the star marked in black and is always loaded when you log in.