Scan checkpoints offline

Log in to the app and scan checkpoints without an Internet connection

Unfortunately, there is always a situation where you cannot establish an Internet connection at an object because, for example, there is no network coverage there.

In such cases, it was previously quite cumbersome to capture data with the mobile device and transmit it to the portal.

It is now possible to capture control point scans completely offline with COREDINATE.


It is also possible to log in offline; the recorded data such as employees and checkpoint scans are then transferred to the portal at the next active Internet connection and synchronized with the executing employee and the area in which the checkpoints are taught.

Please note that in this type of offline mode, tours cannot be started, tasks cannot be edited, and events cannot be recorded.


In the following, we describe the procedure. In our example, the mobile device is completely without an Internet connection.

The employee logs in to the app with their card or username & password, the following screen appears:



Now tap the blue button and you will get the following display (you can see the whole text by tapping more).




From here you can now scan any NFC - checkpoint.

Please note that for technical reasons only NFC checkpoints can be scanned.

Tours, GPS checkpoints and beacons do not work in this mode and tasks as well as events cannot be captured in offline mode either!

You will see your recorded control points immediately in the display, but only the TAG-iD, as no synchronization can take place in offline mode.



As soon as you have an active internet connection again, the data will be synchronized
and you will also see this immediately in the app.



Now tap Go to home screen you will be logged directly into the app and you will see your name, possibly working hours etc. as you are used to.



From here on, you can work with the app again as usual, including all functions.


If you have recorded control points that are not taught-in or do not belong to COREDINATE, this will be indicated by an error message after synchronization:



In the event that a user logs in with a badge that has not been scanned in,
you get the error message that the scanned access medium is not assigned or registered


and the scans are discarded because they cannot be assigned to a user.