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How do I report errors in the app?

If you notice a problem or something is not working, you can contribute to improving the app and send us a bug report.

It is important that you or your employee must be logged in to the app. If you want to report an error and do not have an active internet connection, you can still report an error and the message will be sent as soon as you have an active internet connection again. If you are logged in, you will see an icon in the top right corner of each position in the app.

Then please tap on this icon, below it you will now see a field Report an error.



Please tap on Report Error and compose your message. Please note that you only report errors with the device or the app and do not enter any event messages (e.g. "window not locked"), as this is only sent to COREDINATE for error analysis and does not appear in your portal!




When you have composed your message, please tap on Send.

If you do not have an internet connection at this moment, a small 1 will appear on the sync icon after tapping Send. When you have an Internet connection again, the data will be synchronized automatically as long as you are logged in to the app.

After successful synchronization, you will be informed briefly on the device display and the green check mark will appear again on the Sync icon, indicating that the data will be synchronized again as long as you have an active Internet connection. If you want to log out of the app without an Internet connection, that also works. Then you will get a message that the data will be transferred the next time you log in. Alternatively, you can also report an error in the settings.
To do this, please tap on Settings at the very bottom of the app's main menu and then on Report error. Then on Report error.


Please do not report any events in the bug report, as the data is sent to our development department (and not to your company) to analyze errors between your mobile device and our app!


Temporarily stored data can only be transferred when the user who entered the data logs in again! If another user logs in, the data will only be transferred when the user who entered the data logs in to the app again!

It is required that you leave the checkmark on Send bug report along to analyze the problem turned on. This allows our development department to specifically look for the error between our app and your phone. If the error report is not sent along, an error analysis is impossible for us!

No personal data from your mobile device will be requested by COREDINATE!