Mobile Replacement Scans for Missing Checkpoints – Portal

Here we explain how to manage these replacement scans in the portal.

If a tour contains one or more defective/missing checkpoints, you can now scan these checkpoints on the mobile device using replacement scans so that your customer always receives a complete report. You can find the relevant instructions here.

You can find the replacement scans in the portal directly under Cockpit -> Tours.

Click on the green bar to open the visited checkpoints, where you can also see at a glance which checkpoints have been detected by a replacement scan.


You can open the image, which acts as a checkpoint scan, by clicking on the Replacement proof button – here you can check whether the employee was actually in the right place.


The respective image that was taken of the location where the checkpoint should have been scanned then opens. If a checkpoint fails for any reason and has to be scanned instead, it is marked as unavailable, which can be recognized by the yellow warning triangle.




If the control point is missing or defective and has been marked as unavailable, you can easily replace it with a new one in the app as an administrator under Replace control point. All information such as the name of the checkpoint, location in the tour, tasks and time schedules are completely retained – as if the checkpoint had never been removed.


Filtering by replacement scans in tours

The new Replacement scans filter can now be used to search for specific round trips that contain replacement scans. 


You can also see these replacement proofs, if available, under Work results -> Tour status. If you have scanned a checkpoint as a replacement, it will be displayed as normally scanned in the Checkpoint scans report. This means that you always have proof for your customers that all checkpoints have been completed.

If a checkpoint cannot be reached for a certain period of time (e.g. on construction sites where screed is being laid), you can carry out a replacement scan.

If the checkpoint is accessible again after some time or if it was accidentally marked as unavailable, you can remove the marking that the checkpoint receives from this replacement scan. To do this, click on the small yellow warning triangle.


You will now be directed to the checkpoint that has been marked as unavailable.




By clicking on the button on the right in the orange bar Remove mark, the control point is converted back into a functioning one that can be scanned again as normal.

The replacement scans made are not shown separately in the reports. There, the replacement scans look as if they had been scanned regularly. After all, the employee has provided proof by means of the photo, that he was at this position at this time.

You can find out how to use the replacement scans in the app here