Record working or area times

Here we explain how you can record working or area times in the app and view them in the portal.

How to start and stop the time recording?

This can be done manually by the employee, automatically by scanning, or by a combination of both methods. The following practical examples are intended to illustrate this:

  • At the start of the shift, the employee scans a checkpoint in the gate and thus starts time recording. At the end of the shift, he stops the time recording by scanning the same checkpoint.
  • At the start of the shift, the employee scans a checkpoint in the gate and starts time recording. Since he has to end the shift unexpectedly in between, he stops the time recording manually via the app.
  • There are no control points in the object yet, which is why the employee starts the time recording manually and also ends it manually.

You decide yourself whether the employee can also start and end his times himself within the app. This is controlled via the COREDINATE rights system. If the employee has the right See area time module or See working time module, he can start and end times himself via the app. If you want this to be possible only through a scan of a specific checkpoint, simply remove this right. You will learn how to do this in the next section!

Start and end of recording automatically by control point scan

In this case COREDINATE takes over the thinking and starts or stops the time recording automatically whenever a certain control point is scanned. Which control point this is, you determine yourself quite simply by the following steps:

  1. In the portal, open the corresponding customer in which the desired checkpoint is attached (Master data / Customers)
  2. Open the respective area within the customer (e.g. Münster plant)
  3. Within the area, open the checkpoint that should start and/or stop time recording in the future
  4. In the detail view of the checkpoint you will find the following area in the upper right corner:

COREDINATE_Zeiten_1.jpg 5. Click on the pencil in the upper right corner to enter the edit view COREDINATE_Zeiten_2.jpg

6. The edit view opens and you can specify exactly for the previously selected control point whether the working time and/or range time starts or ends during a scan.

It is possible for a single checkpoint to both start and end time recording. If a check mark is set for both Start and End, COREDINATE will start recording on the first scan of that checkpoint and end recording on the second scan.

Start and end of recording by manual booking via app

If you wish, your employees can also start and stop time recording manually via the app. Of course, this requires that your employees think along with you and also press the button in the app when the time recording is to start or end. If you have any concerns here, the automatic variant mentioned above is recommended.

In order for your employee to be able to book his times manually in the app, he needs the corresponding right in the user administration. You can manage this right as follows:

  1. In the portal, under Administration, open the Users section.

  2. Open the respective employee by clicking on the name.

  3. In the detailed view of the user profile you will find the Roles and rights - area on the right side.

  4. Click on the pencil in the upper right corner to enter the edit view COREDINATE_Zeiten_3.jpg.

  5. Now define in the area that concerns the rights within the app whether the employee should have access to the working time and/or area time recording.

The individual employee can no longer make changes to the recorded times via the app! The times can only be started, paused and ended by him. Nevertheless, a subsequent correction or even addition is possible via the portal. You will learn how to do this in the next section.

Start and end of recording by manual booking via the portal

As with almost all COREDINATE entries, you can make corrections via the portal if necessary, provided you have the appropriate rights. Proceed as follows:

  1. In the portal under Administration/User, make sure that you have the appropriate rights (the respective time recording must be set to Manage, otherwise no new entries or changes can be made).

2. In the portal, switch to the Times section in the main menu on the left and then to Working time recording or Area time recording (depending on what you want to record).

3. A list of all times recorded so far will open, now click on the blue button +Create area time recording in the upper left corner:


4. A dialog will now open in which the relevant employee for whom the times are to be recorded is first selected - in the case of area time, select the area and the employee here.A dialog will now open in which you first select the relevant employee for whom the times are to be recorded - in the case of area time, you select the area and the employee here.


Once you have selected the desired area and the desired employee, enter the start time and date in the following window and click Save.


5. After you have clicked on Save, the time recording will be started directly.

6. You can stop the recording at any time by pressing the Stop key at the end of the newly inserted line.




Of course, the time recording you started via the portal can also be deleted or edited at any time. You will learn how this works in one of the next sections!


Working time recording in series through automatic logout

You can also use COREDINATE to record working time in rows. Place a smartphone in the entrance area of your company and have your employees start working time when they enter and end it when they leave. COREDINATE's automatic logout function also makes this possible for many employees in quick succession. So that the last employee does not have to log off before the next employee can record his working time, there is a practical function in the COREDINATE portal.

You can assign the property Automatically log off user to each checkpoint, which then has exactly this effect: as soon as one of your employees scans this checkpoint, it is logged off and the next employee can log on. This also ensures that after logging in and leaving the device, no unauthorized work is done with it.

Here's how:

  1. In the portal, click on Master data in the main menu and then on Customers.

  2. Click to open the customer and then the area where the relevant checkpoint is located.

  3. Click to open the control point to which you want to assign the feature.

  4. The detail view for the control point opens with the Functions area.


5. Open the edit view by clicking the pencil in the upper right corner COREDINATE_Zeiten_3.jpg.

6. Set the switch next to Automatically log off user to Yes:


From now on, the current user will be logged out of the app whenever he scans this checkpoint.

You should NOT use these working time checkpoints with automatic logout in a tour, because you would never be able to finish this tour, because the employee is always logged out when scanning the checkpoint!

If you use separate checkpoints for time recording, time recording will start only once (e.g. 08:00, even if you would scan this checkpoint again at 08:05) and will not stop until you scan the Go checkpoint or click the Stop icon in the portal.

If you use only one checkpoint for logging in and logging out, the time recording will be started at the 1st scan and stopped again at the 2nd scan.

But there is a risk that the employee scans the checkpoint twice in a row, thus stopping the time right away again and the employee has no time record for the day .

View recorded working times

No matter whether started automatically or manually: All time recordings end up in the portal. You can easily view these records as follows:

  1. In the portal, in the main menu on the left, first open Times and then Working or the Area Time Recording.

  2. A list opens, now set the desired criteria (e.g. employee and/or period) in the filter bar.

    If no filters are set, COREDINATE displays all recorded times of all employees chronologically (here: area time).  

  3. Once the desired criteria are selected and there are records that match your criteria, you will see such a list:

COREDINATE outputs not only the start (start time) and end (end time) of the working or area time. If breaks and already the end of the working or range time were recorded, COREDINATE calculates the difference and displays the duration of the time block under Working time or Range time in the respective columns.

If you make a change to the times or enter times completely via the portal, such times are displayed as Changed. By clicking on the line of the changed time, you can see who made which change and when.



This way you always have an overview if times have been created or changed manually.

If you want to create a report, you have the possibility to leave e.g. the status Changed out of the report, how this works, please read here to.