Log in to the app

The app is the counterpart to the portal, it runs on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

We have already discussed the conditions for running the app on the mobile device here. As in the portal, your rights ultimately determine which functions are effectively available within the app. It is therefore possible that you will not have access to all of the functions presented here.

Log in to the app

COREDINATE requires a legitimation to work with it. This serves the protection of your customer data as well as your own security, because in principle no entries by an unauthorized person are possible.

The mobile device requires an active Internet connection for legitimation to the app

We can only strongly recommend logging out of the app at the end of service or when COREDINATE is no longer needed. In this way, they already contribute significantly to the prevention of abuse. Signing up for the COREDINATE app takes just a few simple steps:

  • Tap the COREDINATE icon on your device or scan a checkpoint or your access card


  • After that the app opens and the login page is displayed


With the COREDINATE app, there are two ways to log in:

  • by entering user name and password or

  • by scanning an access medium (e.g. access card)

So either enter your username and password in the upper two fields or scan your access medium, if the access data is correct, or if the correct access medium is scanned, you will be redirected directly to the main menu of the app. The explanation of how the app is structured and how it works, you can read in the chapter work with the app.