Teach and adjust beacons

At this point, we will explain how to teach in the sparking control points – so-called beacons.

With COREDINATE you have the possibility to use sparking control points – so called beacons.

These beacons work with Bluetooth© technology. Before you teach beacons into the system in the following, the customer and at least one area to which these beacons are to be assigned must be created.

This can be useful for patrols or large halls where the employee just needs to walk through to document their presence, which works even when the screen is off – provided the employee is logged into the COREDINATE app!

Beacons can be detected in a tour and also directly from the start page. However, the beacon does not jump – like an NFC chip – into the matching area!

Please log in to the app first. On the home page, please tap Administration.

You are now in the Administration menu:



After that, tap on Teach beacon.



Now tap on the area in which the beacons are to be taught.



You may still get a message that Bluetooth is deactivated. Then please tap on Open settings.



Now please turn on Bluetooth (you will see all available Bluetooth devices detected by the mobile device) and go back to the app.





The beacons that are available or within range are now displayed here.




Now tap on a beacon and give it a name (e.g. main entrance, warehouse center, etc.). The description is optional.




Now tap Save and the beacon is saved in the portal. The next step should be to set the threshold of the beacon, which determines at what distance the beacon will be detected as scanned.




Please wait until the bar in the following display is completely gone, then the distance of the beacon is learned, in which distance the cell phone can detect the beacon.



You generally do not need to capture a threshold, but it is always advisable so that the beacon can be captured more easily.

Once you change the phone, it makes sense to adjust the threshold of the beacons again, because each device manufacturer installs different hardware that interprets the Bluetooth signal with different sensitivity.