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Install the app on a mobile device

To work with COREDINATE, the COREDINATE app must be installed on the mobile device.

For Apple mobile devices, please go to the Apple App Store and simply search for COREDINATE. Then download and install the app. Already done.

For Android, please do the following:

The COREDINATE app is currently not yet made available via the Google Play platform, but via its own link. This is https://get.coredinate.de or https://coredinate.app. After calling up one of the links, you will get the following display on the screen of your mobile device:


Please tap on Download APP, the download will start or you will get a security question from Google depending on your Android version.

Which you please confirm with Ok. After downloading, please open the downloaded COREDINATE.apk and then tap Install. Since this is an Unknown source for Android, the download or installation must be allowed in the first step.

If you want, you can undo the step mentioned in 4. below after the download. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the following address in the Internet browser of your smartphone: https://get.coredinate.de or https://coredinate.app

  2. In case of a warning message of the browser, please tap on Ok on the right side, as shown in the following picture.

  3.  After the download, start the installation of the downloaded file (COREDINATE.apk) - You can find the file by pulling down the upper screen bar or in the menu under Download or My files/Download or in the lower edge of the display after downloading.


  4. Under Settings/Security, if the app suggests this to you, allow the app to be installed, or trust this installation or similar, by checking Unknown sources or Unknown origin.


  5. Finally, tap the mobile device's back button (usually a small triangle pointing to the left) and then tap Install at the bottom right.


That's it – the app is installed on the smartphone. If you want, you can drag the icon of the app to the home screen so that your employees can find it more quickly (just press and hold the icon and drag it to the desired location).

Alternatively, a scan of the access card or the scan of a checkpoint will start the app automatically. If the access card is programmed to an employee, the 1st scan starts the app and the 2nd scan logs in the employee to whom the card is enrolled.


Please note: If you have installed the app on the mobile device and you are no longer in the test phase, you cannot yet work with it immediately! The device must then first be activated in the portal. You can find out how to do this in this article or directly in the portal.


When you are logged in to the portal, simply click on Administration in the main menu on the left - below that on Devices. Here you will now see a tab with the designation .

If you click on this tab, you will directly get a popup window explaining how to teach in a new device: