Manage incident types

Incident types give you or your employees the opportunity to make a concise statement about a situation by simply "tipping" on the display of your device.

In order to design these incident types individually for your company, you can use the incident types we have prepared:

  • Delete

  • Rename

  • Add your own

  • A customer or

  • An area or

  • Assign company-wide

Proceed as follows

Please log on to the portal with the appropriate rights.




Now please go to Master data in the main menu on the left, if you click on it you will get a submenu where you will find Incident type below.



If you have clicked on Incident type, you will see a list of all your already created Incident types in the light area. To create a new incident type, please click on the blue button + Create event type in the top right corner.



The following pop-up window appears. Now assign a name for the type of incident and a description if necessary.


Click on Continue in the bottom right of the pop-up to set the assignments:



It is also possible to select several objects or customers, in which case the incident type is only available in the selected objects or customers. If you tick the box for your company – right at the top – the incident type is available for all your customers and objects.

If you check the box Create more next to the Create new button, a new popup will be opened immediately after clicking on Create, where you can then create a new incident type. If you don't want to create any more incident types, simply uncheck Create more and you will be returned to your overview list with the incident types already created.

Edit incident types

If you want to change an incident type, please click on the desired incident type you want to change. On the following screen you will see the information about the incident type on the right hand side, which you can now change or adapt at this point.



In our example we have changed the description. Simply rename this type of incident or write something completely different in the description – just as you need it for you and your company. Once you have made all changes, click on the green Save button. If you do not want to accept the change, click on Reset on the left and everything will remain as it is.

To reduce the number of entries, because you may not need all incident types, you can also delete incident types – this may make searching in the mobile device a little easier. To do this, please click on the small field to the left of the incident types and mark all incident types which you want to either re-assign or delete:

For the incident types that you do not want to delete, uncheck the box in front of the incident type. Now click – as shown in the picture above – on Action and select whether you want to either reassign or delete the marked incident types.



If you decide to Delete, you will be asked again for confirmation.



If you have clicked on the yellow Confirm button, the incident types that were marked are deleted. If you are not sure whether you really want to delete the incident type, just click on Cancel and everything will remain as it is.

In order to make the changed or newly created incident types available in the app, the employee does not have to log off the app – it is sufficient to go back to the start page and then enter the area again, or to enter another area.