File manager in the app

Employees can use the file manager in the app to access files and documents that have been uploaded to the portal.

Files in the app

Before you can use the file manager in the app, you must have:

  1. have the rights in the portal and for the app (here you will learn how to create the rights).

  2. have logged in to the app with their username / password or with your service ID.

  3. be assigned to the correct client if the file is assigned to a specific client.

If you are logged in to the app, you will see the item Files under the appointment overview.
Please tap on the word Files.



The following screen appears (with your own files of course, these are just for example).


Now please tap on the three small dots to the right of the file and the following menu will appear in the lower screen:


In this menu you have the possibility to either open the desired file(s) or to load them directly into the cell phone memory Make available offline.



Depending on the file size and the used internet connection it can take some time until the file is available or opened offline.In our example we went to Open File and opened an image file,
which is opened with the gallery.