Error report for tours and tasks

If a task or tour is not performed correctly, you can have the system automatically inform you about it.


COREDINATE is there to take work off your hands. If you use COREDINATE, but still manually search for errors in your service, you are not yet using all the functions of COREDINATE. If you cleverly use e.g. our filters in the reports, it will save you quite a few hours of tedious work - because COREDINATE will do the evaluation for you!


Create a new report in the portal at Evaluations -> Reports.




To do this, click on the blue button in the upper right corner + create report. A new window opens, in which you must give a name to the report, then you select on the right of it as Basis of the report e.g. either Task completion or Round trip completion. The next important thing is the assignment of the customer and the area for which the report is to be created.


You can either enter all tasks/tours company-wide, which have not been executed, or you can set the entry only for a customer with his objects, a specific object or different objects or customers.




Click on the blue Continue field at the bottom right and select what should be included in the report. Set the period in which the uncompleted or expired tasks should be recorded, in our case it is 24 hours and select the fields which should be included in the report. Select on the right which filters you want to set to see if a task has not been completed, for this you have the choices as you can see in the animation below. For tasks marked as Not completed or if the task was not completed in the time you specified, select Expired and Not completed.



For tours, select Cancelled, Expired or Paused so that you are informed about the respective status.




Please do not forget to always save the set filters as well.


Due to the set filters COREDINATE now takes over the evaluation automatically for you. Since we have limited the data to those cases in which something went wrong, you will only receive a message in these cases. If everything runs as it should, you will also not get a report.