Difference between contacts and users

Contact persons are people who are available for queries on the customer side. Users have system access and can log in to the portal or the app.

Since winter 2017 COREDINATE distinguishes between contact persons and users. Contact persons are persons who are available on your customer's side for queries, e.g. contact persons for urgent incidents or contact persons for specific events.

Users, on the other hand, are persons who have the right to work with COREDINATE. They have system access and can log in either to the portal or also to the app. Usually, these are your own employees – but if you wish, you can also make the contact persons on the customer side users (e.g. so that they can log into the system and provide information).


The following table illustrates the difference once again:

Person Are contact person Are users
Own employees No Yes, if you want them to work with COREDINATE.
Contact persons of serviced customers Yes Yes, if you want them to have access to COREDINATE.