Create appointment lists

With COREDINATE you have the possibility to create appointment lists that you can include in your schedules.
For example, if you have daily rounds, but you don't want them to be run on holidays, or you want them to be run differently, you can use these lists to help you take those holidays out of the normal rotation and schedule them differently for those days, for example.

In this article we will explain how to create an appointment list.


To be able to use the appointment lists, you must set the Appointment lists right in the portal either to View (if you only need to view them) or to Manage so that you can also create or edit appointment lists.


 In the portal, please click on Master data, then on Appointment lists. The following screen will be displayed:




Now please click on    and an input mask appears on the right where you have to enter a name for the appointment list (recognizable by the yellow bordered field).



The description is a field that does not need to be filled in.

Now click on  , to be able to start entering the dates.



By clicking + New appointment you can now enter a date and to the right of it the name of the day (see above picture). By confirming with Okay your entry is taken over.


Alternatively, you can import ready-made appointment lists.

However, currently COREDINATE only offers German holidays for import.

However, these can be selected by state and you do not have to enter each date by hand.



Now you still need to click on the days you need in the list, but you can check the box to the left of Name and all days will be selected.


After the desired selection, click Import and your appointment list is imported.

When you have made all your entries, click in the upper right corner on    and your list is ready to be used in scheduling.


How to use your newly created appointment lists in a time planning, please read here.