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Change language of the app

With COREDINATE you can change the language quickly and easily. If the desired language is not available, you can make a suggestion in the community.

COREDINATE OWKS® detects the system language of the smartphone or tablet on which it is running and automatically adjusts the language. As emergency, English is always selected if the system language is not available in COREDINATE.

In practice, it may happen that certain users want to set a language that differs from the system language of the mobile device. You can set this quite easily and in just a few steps:

1. start the COREDINATE app

2. press on the left below the login fields on the currently set language.




3. select your desired language in the subsequent list




Note: It is possible that COREDINATE does not yet offer the language you want. Feel free to make a suggestion in our community under function requests if you want more languages.