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Why should a security service use COREDINATE?
If you want to be technically up to date and have a reliable WKS system in real time, COREDINATE is the right choice. The all-round carefree package.
How has COREDINATE optimized your workflow?
COREDINATE has made our daily work much easier and saves a lot of legwork and time. The tedious reading of WKS scanners is a thing of the past. We now know at any time where our employees are or when they last made their rounds in the building. With just a few clicks, a log can be created quickly and clearly for the customer at any time.
How do you rate the usability of COREDINATE?
Easy to understand app and easy to use for the employee. The online-based office is clear and easy to learn.
How do you evaluate the setup and first steps with COREDINATE?
We were very surprised at how quick and easy the initial steps were to the first scan point submitted.
How have your employees/customers reacted to the new possibilities with COREDINATE?
Our customers are thrilled with the very detailed and clear logs. As for the employees: They now work very effectively and only need one device for everything: communication, WKS and logging.
It leaves nothing to be desired.


Nordost Security & Rail GmbH
Hamburger Chaussee 169
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