Key Management

Key Stock: Keep track!

One of COREDINATE’s functionalities is key management. Once the keys are registered in the system, it is possible to log the acceptance and return of the keys through the application. This will give a clearer overview on who used which key last and if it was in use or if, for example, a key-chain was returned in its complete form. It is possible for the transfer to be logged manually or through a scan.

COREDINATE Key Management

Mobile key management in the app

Schlüsselmanagement (-verwaltung) COREDINATE

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Receipt and return

Do you need every receipt and return of a key, with date, time and last employee that had it in hand? COREDINATE can record it all for you. You can know any time who had which key in their possession. Even more comfortable, and safe from manipulating, is the key hand-over through our key seals. One scan is enough and COREDINATE knows, which key it is – and at the same time the seal secures the whole key-chain. The removal of a single key is only possible with force and immediately noticeable.


Key Management: Suitable for many industries!

A transparent, electronic key management system is vital in many industries like Security companies, Security and locking services, Janitorial services, maintenance and repair companies as well as in facility management. But it is rare in those for the key inventory to be professionally documented and managed – in real time.


Your benefits

With COREDINATE’s key management every key has a history now. There is no time limit after which you would not be able to follow movements after anymore, it’s a life saver for liability matters. That’s why you should start protecting yourself and use COREDINATE!


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