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Security guard at checkpoint scan with COREDINATE

Guard Control System

With COREDINATE you can replace any previous guard control system, but you make it faster, easier, better. Raise the quality of your security service to a new level.

Maintenance staff documenting with COREDINATE

Maintenance Documentation

Put the clipboard aside and see the future of mobile maintenance documentation. Incomplete paper forms are a thing of the past with COREDINATE.

Maintenance staff documenting with COREDINATE

Patient Care Documentation

Support your nursing team with real-time information and meaningful documentation. Show patients and their relatives what transparency in healthcare means.

Satisfied clients’ opinions on COREDINATE:


We were able to gain a major customer for our company through the proposed use of COREDINATE and the resulting digital transparency.

Mario Poser

Managing Director, SAS Schutzdienste & Beratung

COREDINATE is easy to use because of Its clear structuring of features, that is also why Users don’t mind using it at all.

Wolfram Zeidler

Security Management, Segmüller

If you know how to use a smartphone, you won’t have any problems using COREDINATE.

Uwe Moosmann

Managing Director, A.S. Advanced Security