Feature in Focus: Guard Tour

Guard Tour

Nothing can prevent the scans

As soon as your co-worker is logged into the application he is able to scan the checkpoints. There are no other buttons to press, so the use is extremely simple.

Your comfortable guard tour

COREDINATE can do more than just track checkpoints scanned. It is possible for your on-site co-worker to see at any time, which checkpoints he has already gone through and which are still missing. At the same time you can use the portal to follow their progress.

Setting up your tour

So that COREDINATE can tell you how far in your tour you are, it has to first know what checkpoints there are on the tour. For that it is necessary that you set up your tour. The simple way to do that is explained in the next steps.

Here’s how it goes

The start to setting up your tour can be found in the following text instruction or you can look at the instruction video here:


  1. Log in to the portal


  1. Click on master data and then on tours after
  1. It will open a list of all tour that you have added until now
  1. Click on the top left side above the list on the plus symbol
  1. Give the tour a name (1) and add it to the propriety, in which the tour is taking place(2)
  1. This will have taken you into the detailed view of the Tours, where you are able to add both the date of a tour and its time frame.
  1. Now, press on the large plus symbol below the list of the route points
  1. With that, you are able to choose if you want to add a checkpoint separately or together in your route
And that’s it! With this you have already added a tour and COREDINATE now knows which checkpoints have to be reached, so that each tour is completed correctly. You might have already noticed that each checkpoint in the list, under the sequence of the entries, is flexible. With this setting COREDINATE will not pay attention to the order in which the checkpoints are reached. If the sequence is important, you can simply choose it to be necessary.

So how does your co-worker start their tour?

Quite easily: As soon as your co-worker scans one of the checkpoints at the propriety, all the other tours will be shown in the tour menu, where it will be possible to select and start them.

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