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Coen & Sons at a meeting


Coen & Sons: Tasks, Incident Reporting, Flexible Forms

Initial Situation

Coen & Sons is a small maintenance company with 35 employees that specialises in the maintenance of electrical systems, fall arrest anchors and individual anchor points. An ever increasing number of personnel and the continuous success of the company have led to considerable challenges when it comes to documenting maintenance tasks. Coen & Sons is looking for a solution that all employees can operate and that simultaneously secures valuable customer data in compliance with data protection requirements.

Up until now, the company has used classic paper maintenance sheets for recording maintenance tasks. Overly complex digital solutions had always led to any change failing. Employees had simply always found it easier to handle classic maintenance documentation than come to terms with new systems.

Despite this, management wanted to invest in the future and repeatedly endeavoured to make processes in the company more effective and, with this in mind, decided to try one last time. Maintenance documentation from COREDINATE was chosen, as the interface was kept really simple and ensured a smaller learning curve than other solutions.

Everyday Work with COREDINATE

The company plans to introduce the new COREDINATE solution with existing Android devices. The advantage is obvious, as expensive procurement costs and, also, training on new devices is no longer necessary. Every employee is capable of using a smartphone or tablet. Management painstakingly plans the weekly assignments, a simple task to solve with COREDINATE, as everything can be administered centrally through the portal.

central administration via the COREDINATE Portal

Customers and inspection rounds can be clearly structured. Important maintenance tasks and the digital flexible forms prepared are placed at all checkpoints. Employees can now retrace guard tours, checkpoints and tasks simply and conveniently. All they have to do is to look at their smartphone.



Tasks are linked by COREDINATE to individual checkpoints. Forgotten tasks are therefore a thing of the past. When the respective checkpoint for the maintenance task is reached, the task appears on the screen and can be completed in a binding way.

how to manage Tasks via the COREDINATE Portal

A further advantage is that the realisation of tasks can be followed in real time in the portal. Simultaneously, all real-time information is secured in the long term on highly secure German servers.


Incident Reporting

But task planning with COREDINATE is not all a one-way street. Employees can tackle new tasks that arise on site directly. These need not be laboriously entered manually with COREDINATE. A photo or text dictation is more than enough. A smartphone will write out the most important content for you.


Flexible Forms

One particularly important element when changing from paper to digital documentation is the use of standardised forms. With COREDINATE, you can replicate paper forms one-to-one. Simply upload your desired sheets to the system and define the fields that can be filled out.

How to create Flexible Forms via the COREDINATE Portal

Flexible Forms are also created as a task. In this way, operational planning can be certain that forms are filled out at the right time and at the right location. This makes it particularly easy for employees to use standardised terminology. This terminology appears as a selection field and saves individual employees a lot of time during everyday maintenance.

Defining set terminology with Flexible Forms via the COREDINATE Portal

Standardised terminology also helps during evaluation of data. Forms that were filled out before often had deviating terminology. In addition to saving time, the standardisation of form terminology also saves you money.


COREDINATE can also advance your company on a digital level well beyond tasks and flexible forms functions. Find out for yourself by trying out COREDINATE for 14 days free of charge and without any commitment.