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Why should a security service use COREDINATE?
In addition to maximum transparency to the satisfaction of the customer, the COREDINATE system facilitates the documentation of work processes and all relevant information many times over!
Counter question: Why is online tracking of a parcel service provider an absolute standard in this day and age?

Clearly, the customer is well informed and can adjust to the further course of the service in real time.

We see the use of COREDINATE in our daily, operative business in a very similar way. Our customers receive all important information, whenever they want it, at a glance!

How has COREDINATE optimized your workflow?
Already in the planning phase of our company, we strictly advocated an absolutely transparent way of working. Through targeted research, we came into contact with COREDINATE and realized very quickly that we were meeting like-minded people. Thus, our workflows, from the start of the company in March 2015, were already optimized by the system from the beginning, so to speak.
How do you rate the usability of COREDINATE?
Overall, very simple, straightforward and user-friendly. Often the devil is in the details, especially with such a complex software solution like this. But through continuous updates, customizations and a very friendly support, as well as criticism capable, is always provided for constant improvement in terms of usability.
How do you evaluate the setup and first steps with COREDINATE?
To be honest, this was a bit of a hassle due to the somewhat opaque previous version of the online portal. If we had to set up COREDINATE in the new online portal today, a good year later, this would be a lot easier!
How have your employees/customers reacted to the new possibilities with COREDINATE?
Our customers are consistently positively surprised!
We clearly feel how much our customers appreciate being well informed about the processes at their properties on a daily basis and having the certainty that the commissioned security services are carried out in accordance with the service instructions.
In addition, this timely flow of information also ensures that, in addition to the security-relevant findings, e.g. necessary maintenance and also cleaning work on the properties that we look after can be identified and subsequently carried out much more quickly. In this way, we also contribute to the important topic of service and cleanliness, to which we also always pay careful attention for our customers.



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