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Why should a security service use COREDINATE?

Among other things, because of the incredibly good cost/benefit factor. The low price combined with the functionality is simply ingenious and therefore a much better solution than a WKS, for which you have to pay many thousands of euros.


How has COREDINATE optimized your workflow?
It has made the workflow in our case much faster and more efficient, as the data collected via the mobile app is immediately available on the PC, the tablet and also at the customer access set up. There is no need for a data collector where you only have to read out the data after the tour; the area manager and the customer can follow virtually "live" where the guard is currently on the move.
How do you rate the usability of COREDINATE?
Both the app and the online access via the browser are very functional and easy to use. You can access all the functions you would expect from a WKS conveniently via mobile app. It is fast and uncomplicated.
How do you evaluate the setup and first steps with COREDINATE?

Before the first use, you get an incredibly good briefing from a COREDINATE technician over the phone and are then fit to make all further settings yourself. Even after the initial setup, a nice COREDINATE employee helped me quickly and easily. No hotline queues and a very fast processing of my requests.


How have your customers/employees reacted to the new possibilities with COREDINATE?
The solution was very well received by both the customer and the employees. The customers are enthusiastic about the possibility that they are immediately informed about all events/tours in their property and can follow live at any time at which control points the guard is currently. The employees are enthusiastic about the easy handling of the app and the mobility that the COREDINATE system offers.


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