Why should a security service use COREDINATE?
COREDINATE is advanced, innovative and ahead of other guard control systems in many respects. Anyone who values transparency and a stable, virtually trouble-free system is well advised to use COREDINATE.
How has COREDINATE optimized your workflow?
COREDINATE made paper a secondary matter and helped us a great deal, especially with documentation, assigning tasks to guards, and evaluation.
How do you rate the usability of COREDINATE?
Simple and intuitive operation with smartphone or tablet characterize the system.
How do you evaluate the setup and first steps with COREDINATE?
The implementation of the system into the business process was very easy and did not cause us any problems at any time. If there were any technical or application-related questions, we had competent help on our side with the support team.
How have your customers / employees reacted to the new possibilities with COREDINATE?

After a short explanation, every customer has recognized the advantages of the digital system and is thrilled, for example, by the fast and uncomplicated event reports via e-mail!


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