André Wünschmann und Wilhelm Brausch of Protect You Sicherheitsdienst

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Why should a security company use COREDINATE?
COREDINATE is an absolutely useful product for the security industry, as both time recording and GPS monitoring are a great advantage compared to paper-based records.
How has COREDINATE optimized your workflow?
Through COREDINATE, we were able to eliminate our complete paperwork in terms of hourly records and have a daily overview of our previous operating times. Through the customer accesses, recorded events can be made directly accessible to the customer and our customers can get an overview of our work and the quality of it themselves at any time.
How do you rate the usability of COREDINATE?
COREDINATE is very easy to use. For anyone who has ever used a smartphone, the app is absolutely understandable.
How do you evaluate the setup and first steps with COREDINATE?
The setup was explained very well. Right from the start, there was a support team in the background, ready to answer specific questions at any time.
How have your employees and customers reacted to the new possibilities with COREDINATE?
All employees were convinced of the system and the new and uncomplicated possibilities right from the start.


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