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The UTS Sicherheit & Service GmbH is a renowned security company that specializes in comprehensive security solutions. Their dedicated team of experts and extensive knowledge has earned them an excellent reputation as a trusted partner for both businesses and private clients.

The company offers tailored security services that are customized to the individual needs and requirements of their clients. These include object protection, event security, personal protection, alarm and video surveillance, as well as security consulting.

Their object protection services cover the safeguarding of corporate premises, office buildings, construction sites, and residential complexes. Their highly qualified security personnel ensures reliable and effective security around the clock. Through regular patrols, professional access control, and fast response times to potential security threats, the company ensures a safe environment for clients and employees.

For all kinds of events, the UTS Sicherheit & Service GmbH provides comprehensive security services to ensure the safety of participants, staff, and venues. Their experienced security team works closely with event organizers to develop and implement individual security concepts. From risk assessments to planning and executing security measures, the company ensures a smooth and secure event.

In addition, the UTS Sicherheit & Service GmbH provides high-quality personal protection services for individuals, VIPs, and events. Their trained personnel ensures the protection and safety of individuals in various situations and environments. Discretion, professionalism, and confidentiality are at the forefront of their services.

The company also specializes in alarm systems and video surveillance. The UTS Sicherheit & Service GmbH installs and monitors state-of-the-art security technologies to prevent break-ins, vandalism, and other potential dangers. In case of an alarm, their security team responds quickly and works closely with the appropriate authorities to take immediate action.

The UTS Sicherheit & Service GmbH is characterized by its extensive experience, professionalism, and customer-oriented approach. They place great importance on customer satisfaction and continuously strive to improve their services and stay up-to-date with the latest technology. The company sets the highest standards in the security industry and is a reliable partner for all security needs.




Andreas Schmitz

Technical Administrator
 The system is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to handle even for older or less tech-savvy employees. Managing a large number of keys and documenting their handovers has become much simpler, resulting in easier audits and recertifications, among other benefits.



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