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Miele is a highly respected manufacturer of household appliances, renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability. Alongside innovative features and appealing design, Miele places great emphasis on the safety and privacy of its customers.

The security of customers' personal information and data is of paramount importance to Miele. The company employs state-of-the-art security technologies to ensure that all data is protected both during transmission and storage. Strict security policies and measures prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing or manipulating the data.

For instance, the Miele@home function allows various household appliances to be controlled and monitored over the internet. To ensure secure communication between devices and the mobile app, Miele has implemented stringent security standards.

Moreover, Miele places great value on protecting the privacy of its customers and strictly adheres to data protection policies and regulations. Only necessary data is collected and used solely for the intended purpose. Customers maintain full control over their data and can decide which information to share.

Miele is dedicated to actively ensuring the safety and privacy of its customers. By employing cutting-edge security technologies and protecting privacy, Miele ensures that customers can use their household appliances with confidence and peace of mind.





Bernd Schachtschneider

Plant Security Specialist
Miele Security
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