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Customer testimonial: Chris Perry, NVC Security LTD

Customer testimonial: Chris Perry, NVC Security LTD

Chris Perry Director NVC Security
Chris Perry
NVC Security
NVC Security LTD

Derby West Business Centre
Ashbourne Road
Mackworth, Derby
DE22 4NB, UK

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How did you monitor an control the operations before adopting COREDINATE?

Prior to using COREDINATE we used a variety of traditional patrol products, some were supplied directly by the client. These were in excess of 15 years old and seemed to break down every couple of weeks. Reporting was done via a manual paper.

What were the negative consequences?

It was very time consuming to keep track of all incidents and reports from our various sites. Now we have a real-time solution and can create custom reports at a touch of a button. 

How would you describe improvements?

After implementing COREDINATE into our operations we have instant access to an online dashboard and can see exactly what is happening on our sites. It offers complete transparency between our security services and the client. We have made use of the reporting feature and the clients are emailed at 8am each morning with a full summary of all Tasks, patrols and incidents.

Positive business outcome

This has undoubtedly increased our productivity; our sites are now easily managed, and all the required information is in one easy to use dashboard. The clients love the reporting feature.

What were your required capabilities?

We required a software that was easy to use. Also, a software that would cover tasks, patrols and incident reporting. COREDINATE are always looking to implement new features and I have been able to submit request for additional features specific to the UK market.

How would you measure the improvement?

This has saved our management team approx. 10 hours per week. Our clients have seen improvements in service and reporting.

Summarise in one statement

Since using COREDINATE NVC Security has streamlined its processes and now has a platform that allows us to easily manage day to day operations and reporting. This has also allowed the company to win more business.
I can highly recommend COREDINATE to anyone looking for an all in one patrol and reporting solution.