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Customer Testimonial: Terry Pope, Concept Security Solutions LTD

Customer Testimonial: Terry Pope, Concept Security Solutions LTD

Terry Pope, Director @ Concept Security Solutions LTD
Terry Pope
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Concept Security Solutions LTD

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United Kingdom

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Why Should Security Services Use COREDINATE?

As a security company managing over 100 staff across many static sites as well as multiple mobile patrol vehicles throughout the South East of England, we find COREDINATE invaluable. The ability to provide custom reports to each of our clients who are often wanting different information in different ways is brilliant.

Our Account Manager Alan goes above and beyond what we would expect and is contactable at all times. He is always able to help with any rare issues that arise and happy to take suggestions or requests. COREDINATE is always evolving and expanding its scope and as a customer of it for almost 5 years, I highly recommend it to anyone in need of such a system.

How Did COREDINATE Help Optimise Your Workflows?

We no longer have to send reports manually to our clients, nor fill out separate reporting forms or spend time filing reports under categories. This saves a LOT of administrative workload, as everything is automated!

How Would You Rate the Usability of COREDINATE?

COREDINATE is very easy to customise and use. They are also quick to respond and help if there is anything we need help with.

How Would You Rate the Set Up and First Steps with COREDINATE?

I found a lot of it self-explanatory, and designed in a way that made in genuinely pretty easy to populate and start using.

How Did Your Employees and Customers React to the New Possibilities of COREDINATE?

Staff enjoyed being able to electronically record incidents and patrols thus streamlining and simplifying the process.

Clients often love having customisable reports and getting the specific information they require separate from all that can be recorded and to specific people for different things. We use COREDINATE as a unique selling point whenever we present our business to potential new clients, and it is always well received.