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Customer testimonial: Isabela S. Luig

Customer testimonial: Isabela S. Luig

Soliman Security Services
Isabela Soliman Luig
VP Administration
Soliman Security Services

2182 Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City Philippines

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Isabela Soliman Luig, Soliman Security Services

Using COREDINATE is a delight. We are the first company in the Philippines to have an application for Patrol. Digitizing our patrols have increased motivation among our security officers. We have been able to create a proper reporting system and a proper channel of communication within our organizations and the field officers on patrol.

COREDINATE has increased productivity of our security officers. The transparency between the officer on patrol and the head office has motivated our people to work better. The application is easy to use. The features mainly focus on patrolling and incident reporting. Although limited, the few key features of the application has allowed COREDINATE to be very simple and incredibly efficient. Simplicity is key and COREDINATE is the key to the success of our officers on patrol.

Thank you “Coredy” for being a great catalyst to our successful operations!