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Benefits for the Security Personnel

Benefits for the Security Personnel

Benefits for the Security Personnel

COREDINATE is not a Guard Control System, it is an assistance system. If your employer enables you to use COREDINATE, it is not about the control, it is about supporting you during your daily work.

Pass on heavy luggage from now on

Forget the data collectors and handheld scanners that you had to carry around with you so far. COREDINATE runs on any smartphone with Android and NFC function – and you always have that on you anyway. Since the data transfers right away, you can save time on selecting in the future. By the way: You can also pass on notepads and working time forms in the future – COREDINATE can take care of those.

New to the propriety? No problem!

With COREDINATE you have your work instructions with you all the time – not in the form of heavy folders, but compacted in our application. You always know exactly which checkpoints are to be completed on your route, even if it is the first route for you. Who do you contact in emergencies? What events did your co-workers add to this propriety in the past? One look into COREDINATE is enough to find out everything.

Never forget again

Humans make mistakes, they will always happen. But with COREDINATE you at least make sure to not forget anything anymore. Your progress can be followed within your running tour and you will know exactly which checkpoints have been completed and which are still missing. If your supervisor assigned you tasks, then COREDINATE will remind you about it and your client won’t need to at the end of your work shift.

Secure proof

During your tour you can enter your findings, like an unlocked window or a break-in, immediately into COREDINATE. The trick is that your report will not only immediately be transferred in the portal, but it will be immediately visible for your manager. You can even attach a picture to the event, which as an assurance at the same time – as memory is not as reliable as a picture is.

A personal bodyguard

In personal security the difference between theory and practical becomes obvious: Theoretically the security should only be working in good light and on secure roads. But in practice you have nightly runs between high shelves and on construction grounds. It’s good if a co-worker checks in at least once per hour. The workplace security goes a step further with COREDINATE. If you don’t work with COREDINATE past a given time frame and you don’t react to the pre-alam, then a proper Alarm will set off and connect a voice link with the control centre.

Key management

With the receipt of a key from your client you accept a lot of responsibility as a security service. It is regretful when co-workers don’t see it that way and you may get into liability issues because of that. How can one prove that it was not themselves, who failed to place the key back as per instructions? No problem with COREDINATE. Here each key movement is documented, and it can be checked at a later point to see exactly when and who took a key or gave it back.

No more working time protocol

The time recording of your own working time is a necessary, but quite unpleasant task – just paperwork that takes time. Not with COREDINATE, here you have two alternatives: Either you select to start the working time manually via the application or automatically by scanning a specific checkpoint. The Bottom Line is: Your manager gets a clean table instead of messy handwritten forms.

Try out now for free!

Besides the main functionalities COREDINATE offers so many more advantages, your daily work is made easier and the quality of your services improves. That’s why you simply have to try COREDINATE!

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