COREDINATE for Security – Guard Control System


The core function of COREDINATE easily replaces every other guard control system. Extending the COREDINATE platform to your smartphone. It becomes a system that assists your team and elevates it to new heights.

COREDINATE will change the way your team functions.


Checkpoint Scan

The core function of every guard control system. Scan checkpoints in your customers’ sites with your smartphone. COREDINATE transmits all scans to the portal in real time where they are immediately visible.

Guard Tour Monitoring

Give some structure to your patrol on client sites. With the tour monitorning capability of COREDINATE both the employee on site and the supervisor using the portal can see how far the tour has already been completed and which checkpoints are still missing. In real time, of course.

Incident Report

During the ongoing tour, your team can access any incident report through COREDINATE with on demand dictation function and proof photograph upload – you can see it live in the portal.


The duties of a security service are manifold. COREDINATE reminds your employee of due jobs and asks for feedback. Completed or not – you can see it in real time. Forgetting something is no longer an option!

Lone Worker Safety

COREDINATE monitors whether your employee is still active and inquires in case of inactivity. If there is no response, an alarm is issued and a voice connection is established. BG-compliant according to DIN V VDE V 0825-11.

Key Management

Sealed and tamper proof key management system – keep track of each key. Which key, who has taken, who has returned or who has transferred possession.


Gone are the days when you had to laboriously collect the input from your data collectors. With COREDINATE, the reports come to you – conveniently via email and, if desired, also automatically to your customers.

GPS Tracking

Follow your team’s tours live via GPS and provide targeted assistance in emergencies. This is a considerable advantage, especially when it comes to guarding large areas.


Communication with your team is now even easier. Official notifications can be sent very easily with the new COREDINATE app function. Simple. Practical. Compliant with data protection legislation.

COREDINATE can do much more. Take a look at all the features in detail here.



£26Month and App*
Checkpoint Scan
Tour Feature
Incident Reporting
Task Management
Time Tracking
GPS-Location Tracking
Lone Worker Switch
Key Log
Daily Activity Reports
Free Support

Basic & Forms

£35Month and App*
All basic features
Flexible Forms


£44Month and App*
All basic features
Flexible monthly subscription

*The one-time setup fee per customer is £/€/$ 99 and includes extensive phone training for the initial setup.

What is the actual cost of COREDINATE?

With COREDINATE you eliminate a lot of work that had to be done by a paid employee. You can calculate the difference yourself!

This is what our customers say…

The usage of COREDINATE is simple and self-explanatory. We have hardly any inquiries from our personnel, but also no incorrect usage. No data was lost even if the mobile network failed.

Marcel Reinecke

Head of Security, Bürener Dienstleistungs & Sicherheitsdienste GmbH

Due to the clear structuring of the functions, COREDINATE is easy to use and is therefore gladly used by the user. By using COREDINATE we were able to optimize the workflow.

Wolfram Zeidler

Security Managment, Hans Segmüller Polstermöbelfabrik

COREDINATE combines transparency, innovation, technology and efficiency in one. With the prospect of using COREDINATE and the resulting digital transparency, we were able to win a major customer for our company.

Mario Poser

Managing Director, SAS Schutzdienste & Beratung

What does COREDINATE bring for…

COREDINATE and the Management

... the management board

Manage your company transparently and save costs at the same time. We’ll show you how!

COREDINATE und the Property Manager

... the object manager

Raise the quality of your team to a new level. We show you how to stay on top of things!

COREDINATE and the Security Staff

... the security personnel

Time for a new way of working. See how COREDINATE makes your daily work easier and even increases your safety!

COREDINATE with the Guarded Client

... the guarded customer

Make the work of your service providers tangible with COREDINATE and optimize your internal processes. A look at our application examples is enough!

COREDINATE and the Works Council

... the workers' council

Safety for employees while adhering to the highest data protection standards – take a look at what else COREDINATE has to offer!

COREDINATE and the purchase

.... the purchasing department

That COREDINATE increases the quality of work is a fact – we show you how COREDINATE also reduces costs!