What is the portal?

COREDINATE ist ein cloudbasiertes System für effiziente mobile Datenerfassung und -auswertung.

COREDINATE-OWKS® is a two-part system. Your employees on site use the app to complete scans, tasks and/or record events. You can then normally see the results of your employees' work immediately in the portal.

If your employee works in an area where he / she does not have an Internet connection at the moment, the data is temporarily stored on the mobile device until the device is connected to the Internet again and then the data is transferred to the portal.

Normally, employees "at the front" only use the app on their mobile device (smartphone or tablet), while the portal is used by managers or even customers. The portal simply runs in an Internet browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Apple's Safari also works on both MAC and PC.

It is not necessary to install a program on your computer.

You can find the portal at: https://portal.coredinate.de

When you are in the login screen, simply change the language to English if necessary.