Which times are recorded?

COREDINATE records your employees' working hours and time spent at work and allows the data to be exported for further processing.

You can then view these recordings in the portal and even export them as PDF or CSV. If the export as CSV file is successful, a further calculation is also possible, as this file can be opened and edited in calculation programs such as Microsoft Excel or Calc from Open Office. This chapter only deals with retrieving the recorded times from the portal. To "bring" the times from the app into the portal, refer to the corresponding chapter on the app. COREDINATE records working hours and area times.

You can read about the difference in the following paragraphs.

Basically, working time and area time are the same. The difference is that in the case of working time only the name of the employee is shown, but in the case of area time the customer and the object are shown also.

Working hours

If COREDINATE records working hours, this always refers to the complete working hours, e.g. from 8 to 16 o'clock or from 18 to 6 o'clock. Typically, this means whole shifts. These times are usually used for payroll accounting.

Area times

In contrast to working hours, area times are those phases in which your employees are in certain areas, e.g. in plant 3 of the customer Müller GmbH. These times can be interesting for district services, for example, or generally for an evaluation of how long your team spends time with certain customers.