Vehicle check at the start of service

Vehicle check: create checklists, link with NFC tags, scan at the start of service. No paperwork, clear insight into the vehicle's condition.


In both the security and maintenance industries, employees typically travel in company vehicles. To ensure that these vehicles do not fall into disrepair and are roadworthy at all times, a brief vehicle check at the start of service can be quite useful.

COREDINATE supports with the module Flexible forms any checklists you can create yourself.
Why not also use them for a quick check of the service vehicle at the start of the shift!


  1. Insert a new form with the desired fields and save it

  2. Create a new task (e.g. Vehicle check) and attach the form you just dropped to this task

  3. Bring either e.g. our NFCKeychain on theignition key of the servicevehicle, stickour NFC sticker on your existing key fob or our OnMetal-Tag into the inner door edge of the vehicle

  4. Learn the keychain, sticker or OnMetal as a control point of a system.

  5. Put the previously created task on the keychain, sticker or OnMetal tag (see here).


As soon as the employee has registered with COREDINATE and scans the key fob or the OnMetal tag of the vehicle at the start of duty, the input mask of the form opens immediately after the scan and the employee can already make his entries. 

If he opens the task manually, he can also directly fill in and submit the checklist you created. This gives you an overview at all times of whether and how your team finds and leaves the vehicle at the start of the journey. And all that without any paperwork!