Use notifications in the app

If you have the necessary rights for the message function, you will also get it displayed on the mobile device. We explain the functions for this in this article.

 First, you need the appropriate rights for the messages, which your supervisor or an authorized user must set for you in the portal. You can learn more about its here. To do this, please scroll down further to the item Rights.


The Inbox view messages

When you are logged in to the app and tap the notifications icon



you will get all messages that have been published either company-wide or for your object.

Here you can also see whether your Internet, GPS, NFC and the synchronization are working
or are switched on. If an icon is red, the app may not be working correctly.




The yellow icons and the yellow info bar in the messages also show you immediately that they have not yet been read by you or that the read confirmation(s) have not yet been submitted.

Below the messages you will see the page numbers, which you can tap to jump forward or back one page at a time.

Now tap on the desired message and it will open:



Under the message you will see if you need to confirm it. If you need to confirm it, scroll up a bit, whereupon the following display will appear instead of the yellow bar.



After tapping the green Confirm button, a message will be displayed that you have checked the read confirmation.



Read aloud function and text enlargement

For employees who have poor eyesight, we have included two useful features that can make the text more readable or read the text aloud.

The read aloud function




Tap Read message and your device will read out the text of the message.
You can stop the reading at any time by tapping the red Stop reading button..




Please do not let the message be read to you if someone could listen to it for whom it is not intended. This could have consequences under data protection law!


The text magnification function

If there is someone nearby for whom the message is not intended or you do not want to disturb anyone with the read aloud function, you can also enlarge the text in the message to make it easier to read.

Tap the small + symbol until the font is the size you can read it best.




By tapping on the – symbol to the left of it, you can make the font smaller again.


Read and write comments

To be able to post comments, the author of the message must have allowed the comment function.

If comments are allowed, please tap the word comments in the center of the message.

Here you will see all the comments that have been submitted. If necessary, tap Update and new comments will be displayed, if there are new ones.




To post a comment, tap Post new comment. The keyboard opens and you can enter your text as usual.



After tapping the Submit button, you will see your submitted comment directly in the mobile device.



When a new comment comes in, you will see it in the inbox and through a small popup, also you will get the COREDINATE icon at the very top left of the mobile device's info bar, indicating that there is new information.






Open attachments

If there are attachments attached to a message, you can retrieve them by tapping Attachments on the right. Stored attachments are displayed here. The icon to the left of the file name tells you what type of file it is.



Now you have a choice and you can either just view the file, or you can download it to your mobile device for offline reading.

In any case, tap on the small icon with the 3 dots.




An info bubble will appear where you can select whether you just want to view the file (Open file) or whether you want to save the file locally on your mobile device (Make available offline).




If you have saved a file in your mobile device
(recognizable by this symbol before the file size), you can delete this file from your device again by tapping on the icon with the three dots again and there on
Delete from memory tap.