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Unlock a mobile device

Here we briefly explain how to enable a mobile device for use with COREDINATE.

This chapter is not relevant when setting up a test set! During the test period, all smartphones on which the COREDINATE app has been installed are automatically unlocked.


So the following steps are only relevant for customers who have already booked a license or want to book the first license. So that not every user can arbitrarily unlock a smartphone for the use of COREDINATE, the OK in the portal is required beforehand, which is explained in the following.

Unlocking/activating a license is quite simple:

  1. Start the app on the smartphone and log in with the same credentials you previously set on the computer for COREDINATE.

  2. A message appears in the app that the Device is not licensed.

  3. Change to the portal on your PC at portal.coredinate.de and log in there with the required rights.

  4. Click on Administration and below it on Devices – there the new smartphone is already listed with the name of the phone, but with the addition No license (shown in red on the right side of the line) .
  5. Click on the name of the new device in the list.

  6. Switch to the License & Modules tab.

  7. Below click on the small pencil to the right of the word License.

  8. Select the desired license by clicking on the small circle to the left of the license and click on Change license type.


You can book the following licenses for your mobile devices:

  • Standard = license with 24 months term
    (Terminable three months before the expiry of the contract)
  • Flex = license with one month term – terminable at the end of each month
  • Manager = license to perform administrative tasks on the app (such as teaching control points and access cards). No productive functions are possible! (e.g. run tours, scan checkpoints etc.) This license is valid as long as another regular license (Flex or Standard) is active.