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System requirements of the COREDINATE app

Here you can find answers about the operating systems and mobile devices supported by the COREDINATE app and the ended support for Android versions 4.x

To use the COREDINATE – App, the following requirements must be met:


As we already announced in our newsletter on 2019-05-23, COREDINATE support for Android 4 ended on 2019-12-31!


Android has developed a lot in the last few years, and version 10 is now up to date. Version 10 is up to date. In return, older versions are no longer maintained by Google, which can of course also have an effect on possible security vulnerabilities.

COREDINATE has always adapted to the latest versions, but at the same time has support for older versions, which means a considerable effort means. As there are always new versions of Android to integrate, we will discontinue support for Android 4 on Dec. 31, 2019, we will phase out support for Android 4.

For you this means:

If you still have smartphones with Android 4 in use, COREDINATE will no longer function properly on these devices COREDINATE will no longer work properly on these devices as of 01.01.2020, as the hardware used no longer supports some functions and you can therefore also no longer receive comprehensive support for these devices.

The reasons for the expiring support:

The maintenance effort mentioned above is only one reason for the discontinued support. Android 4 is no longer supplied with important security patches by Google, which makes the system a security risk. In many infrastructures, Android smartphones with an operating system older than version 6 are now even consistently locked out.

What you should do:

We strongly recommend replacing devices with an Android operating system version 4 with
more recent devices.


Android (manufacturer independent) from version 5 NFC is mandatory!


Apple iPhone:
Devices must have at least iOS 11 operating system installed!

iPhone 5s –> NO NFC possible
iPhone 6 –> No NFC possible
iPhone 7 and all newer iPhones –> NFC possible!

There is NO standalone protection with the iPhone!