Send completed forms automatically

COREDINATE is able to send forms to any number of recipients by email immediately after they have been filled in.

This is always practical when you want to inform customers or colleagues about your entries without delay.


In the COREDINATE system, sending a form is a notification that combines the following information.

These details ensure that you can very conveniently determine who receives which form and in what form. Once specified, these rules run automatically very conveniently.


To use the automatic form sending function, the following steps are required. Log on to the portal and click on Reportig in the main menu on the left and then on Notification rules.


A list of all previously created notification rules will then open, if you have already created any.


Please click on the blue button + Create notification rule in the upper right corner under your name to create a new notification rule. A popup will open in which you have to enter a name for this rule:


An input field opens, in which you should enter the name of the new notification rule. Then please click on Create. The detailed view of the notification rule just created then opens. Please select the entry Form filled out as the basis for sending and click on Continue at the bottom right.



The next window opens where you can select the form to be sent automatically. You can also select several forms at once – but please note that all selected forms will then be sent to the same recipient group!



After selecting the desired form and clicking on Apply, the selected form is displayed. You can add more forms to this rule at any time using the big plus on the left below. With the button Output or Formless you determine whether the data of the form should be output informally (i.e. as a simple table) or whether you want the output in a specific form.



Form outputs must first have been created under Flexible forms and form outputs in order to be available for selection here!


If you then click on Continue, the following view opens, in which you define the routing, i.e. where the form should be sent to for which customer areas.

The following information is required:

  • Sender details
  • Subject and text of the dispatch e-mail
  • Customer or area for which the completed form is to be sent

Enter the sender and the sender's e-mail, as well as the e-mail subject, e-mail body, time zone, etc.

...and the assignment of the customer or object for which the form should be triggered. If you have clicked Create, you are prompted to enter the recipients for this notification rule. Please click on the desired email address stored in the system or, 

if an email address is not stored in the system, please enter the email of the desired recipient in the upper field and then click on the green "plus" symbol on the right to add the recipient's email address.

Your selection is highlighted in blue below.


If you click on Apply, you will see the unsaved overview, where you can edit the rule again.

When all entries have been made, click on Save and you will again see an overview of your rule.



If you wish, you can either edit the data on the right with the pencil symbol. More settings are not required. If your employee now completes the entry of the selected form for the desired customer (this combination must be available), the form is immediately sent by email in PDF format.