Reuse forms that have already been filled out

If you use forms, you have the option to reuse them as templates with the last entered values, so you don't have to fill in all the fields again each time.

You have the possibility to reuse forms that have already been filled in with the values that have already been entered, so that it is not necessary to fill in all the fields every time you make an entry, only changed values will be replaced. How to activate this function is explained in this article. When creating a form, you already have the possibility to determine beforehand whether this form may be filled in and reused or not. You can individually specify whether you want to share only the fields, only the images or both for reuse.

In the portal, please click on Flexible forms in the main menu on the left, then on Forms underneath


and then you can either create a new form (how to do that, we explain here) or activate an already existing form for reuse. Now right click on a created form



and then to the right of Information on the small pencil. Here you now have the option to select,



whether you want to reuse only the data or also the images.
Once you have decided and activated the required fields,
click on 

You will now see the information and settings for your form again


and whether this can be reused with values already entered.
How the employee can select these forms on the app, we explain