Query the position of a user

With the radar, you can display and track the current locations of your employees on a map.


The radar does exactly what it does in the air and at sea: it displays the current position. With the radar, you can see at a glance where your employees are at this moment.

Query current position of a user

To see where a particular user is currently located, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the portal, in the main menu on the left, first open the GPS entry and then Radar


  2. Select the desired criteria via the filter bar above the map

  3. If coordinates are available for the filters you have set, COREDINATE displays the number of coordinates found directly above the map

  4. Finally, below on the map, the individual locations are displayed depending on the zoom level as follows



Display types of the positions

A location does not always consist of only one point. Depending on how far you set your filters, very many coordinates can cluster on one point.

Query of employee and time of location

You can easily display the employee who is at the location by clicking on the red marker.
The time of the location and the accuracy is also displayed in this way.




The radar always outputs individual position points, while the tracking provides a link between the individual position information or markers, thus enabling the tracking of paths driven or walked.

Setting the locating interval

Frequent locates at short intervals have the advantage that the location information is more up-to-date and the recorded paths are smoothed.

However, you buy this advantage with a higher battery consumption, since the transmission of GPS data requires quite a lot of energy.
COREDINATE leaves it up to you to decide whether you value close-meshed tracking or the longest possible battery life.
You can therefore choose the locating interval, i.e. the time interval at which COREDINATE queries the GPS data. Proceed as follows:

  1. In the portal, in the main menu on the left, first open the Administration entry and then Devices.


  2. In the device list, click the device (smartphone) for which you want to enable or disable GPS.

  3. Then click on the pencil at the top right of the detailed view of the device to get to the edit view (only possible if you have the appropriate rights).

  4. Now enter the time interval in seconds between two locates in the GPS Locate Interval line.
    Low value in seconds: frequent locating, close-meshed display on the map, but high battery consumption.

    By default, 30 seconds are set. 

    High second value: Less frequent location, coarser (angular) display on the map, but lower battery consumption.

    A very good value from practice is between 120 and 180 seconds.