How is the portal structured?

We have tried to make the portal as clear as possible. After all, it should be easy to use and run smoothly even in stressful situations.

After logging in with your access data, you will receive the following view – depending on the rights assigned:


This is the view from the Dashboard. On the left the dark strip with the light grey writing is the main menu. There you can –  depending on the assigned rights –  call up the individual functions.


Brief description


All important information quickly at a glance, variably adaptable.

Work results

Display of guard book, checkpoint scans, events, tour completion, task completion, alarms, key log


Display on a map where employees or devices are currently located (if activated), settings for sending GPS coordinates during event recording


Time recording of your employees, area time recording of your employees in the object


Evaluations for reports, notification rules for events, alarms and reports

Master data

This is where customers, areas, tasks, tours, keys are created and files and event types are managed

Flexible forms

Here you can enter your forms and create them for filling out on the mobile device

Job security

Create alarm profiles and/or set up a reception centre


To manage users, customers with access to the portal, device and licence management, creation of the company profile


Here you can "cash in" for your recommendations


If you need something to work with COREDINATE, you can get it here


Do you have functional requirements? Do you want to know what's new? You are welcome to take a look.

You can find out how to use the functions in detail

  • in the case of an initial telephone installation with and by us
  • at our help pages, where you are right now

To ensure that nobody makes unwanted changes under your name that are not intended, please always log out of the portal. You can do this by clicking on your name in the violet bar at the top right and then on Log out:

Dashboard, security, Profile

In the lower left corner of this pop-up window you can display or edit your own user profile
by clicking on the word Profile.